Hi! I’m Keegan

Singer | Musical Theatre Performer | Songwriter

Music and musicals have always been in my blood as I was born steps away from Broadway in New York City.

Since I was 3, I’d round up my friends for backyard concerts whether it was banging on the piano, or strumming my princess guitar with my portable karaoke machine – singing about everything.

Now, I’m excited to share my journey and first real song, Dark Eyes. The song’s creation and message has evolved. The lyrics started out simply because I have dark eyes and I noticed kids with blue eyes got compliments and those with dark eyes were overlooked. As I continued with the lyrics – the song became more a part of me and I realized there’s no shame in having dark eyes. Eye color became a symbol. No matter how we appear to others, we’re more alike than we are different as we are all light inside.

Dark Eyes is simply a symbol of our light inside and for equality.
Whenever I have the chance, I’m performing in Broadway style musicals, competing in talent shows, or playing with my dogs and shopping with girlfriends.

Keegan Connor