Unsigned Music Blog: Singer and songwriter Keegan Connor shared her brand new tune named “All My Friends.” The song strives to send a message about appreciating your friends and simply enjoying time with them, as it celebrates the return to a normal social life. ‘All My Friends’ is 15-year-old Keegan Connor’s reaction song to the fall out of the Covid-19 pandemic and expresses euphoric joy at the return of little things like being able to hang out with friends.

Keegan’s style features catchy tunes, that put you in a good mood and channel positive vibes. Her vocals are on point when she delivers her uplifting lines and balances somewhere between pop, dance, and indie. Keegan is surely about to skyrocket in popularity among music fans thanks to her consistency, ever-evolving creativity, and in-tune-with-her-times lyrical vision.

Get some positive vibes with Keegan Connor’s new track “All My Friends”:

About Keegan Connor

Born and raised in New York City, 15-year-old Keegan Connor is a powerful performer and musician. From playing her princess guitar in the backyard and singing karaoke at every chance she could get, she and her family quickly realized that music was her sport! Spending her childhood in rehearsals for the 20-plus Broadway-style musicals she was in, Keegan studies ballet, tap, modern, and jazz as well as taking vocal lessons. The hard work is paying off as she prepares to release her second single which follows on from the success of her debut single ‘Dark Eyes’ which was released last year. Now living in the Midwest, Keegan Connor is keen to pursue her dreams, and can’t wait to share two more songs coming soon!

by Magdalena Sznigir
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