TickerTV – Fearless – Never 100%

Keegan Connor is Guest on TickerTV on Dr. Steven Enticott’s show,  ‘Fearless’.
This episode’s theme is, You’re Never 100%
but go for your dreams anyway!

Dr. Steven Enticott is “the encourager” where he interviews people who have successfully overcome their biggest fears.

Doctor Steve host holds unique insights as a senior tax partner, as a chaplain, and as a positive psychologist in seeking insights where he seeks answers to two questions:

What was your fear?

How did you overcome it?

We are not alone, we all have fears, no one is special, no one is fearless. We begin to overcome fear by acknowledging fear and discovering strategies to obliterate them.

Dr. Steven Enticott is the Senior Partner and founder of CIA Tax (www.ciatax.com.au) specializing in small to medium business and a personal tax-based investment practice based in Melbourne. He has a doctorate, an MBA, and several diplomas. He is the author of two books, including The Man With A Plan, and a regular media commentator.
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